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Partnership Organisations

We are excited to have a developing network of over 120 UK-based and international Future Leaders, having helped them to embrace their art form beyond what they thought was possible. Global Grooves offers ongoing commitment to the development of young individuals wishing to further themselves or their passions.

Throughout the progression and development of this innovative programme, we hope to cultivate and grow relationships with community arts organisations, councils, and arts leaders around the UK. Exploring partnership work and collaboration can only strengthen the excellent national work we are aware of, as well as enable us to further promote the work of those work we haven’t yet discovered.

Testimonial from BeatLife, a key artistic and community partner organisation for our course to date:

Global Grooves have played a big part in broadening the understanding of our young people, and giving them new skills and experiences, for over 10 years. As BeatLife’s young people grow older and we maintain our commitment to continue giving them good musical experiences, Global Grooves has been a huge positive presence for us all.

The peak of this so far has been the Future Leaders programme, which appeared at exactly the right time for a small group of our older teenagers. Their growth in technical skill, self confidence and musical understanding has been exponential and this has been shared by them with the rest of our group, further inspiring younger players who are looking to their older peers. I would say that their involvement with Future Leaders has given a massive boost of positive energy and enthusiasm to BeatLife and helped to shape our strategy for the future.”

Alistair Flooks, BeatLife Coordinator during 2014-2016 programmes

Are you a school, community group, or organisation who values partnership building and collaboration work as much as we do – or perhaps can already name a Future Leader in the making? Please refer these young people to our site…

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