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Owen Davies, 20

I attended the Future Leaders course in 2015/16 as a dancer where I aimed to explore new styles of movement and dance, and learn more about how I can develop my skills in teaching and leading. I wanted to have sound idea of how I could use the knowledge of my art form to create and lead dance projects so that I could use this to shape my future.
I entered the programme as a hip-hop/street dancer who had very little confidence in myself and not much experience in connecting with other artists to create a piece of work. By the end of the course I had met and befriended a group of 40 peers who I worked alongside, learning various elements of carnival arts, growing our understanding of business development within the sector, sharing energy, creating memories and finally putting that together at the end of the residentials to create a performance that really displayed who we were as a group – it was so awesome! I feel that I grew my confidence so much and my eyes were opened up to a whole new world of exciting movement, music and arts.
Since the end of the course, I have totally immersed myself in Carnival arts. This began by taking part in performances around the NorthWest, wearing huge, colourful costumes and having loads of fun. I have been given leadership opportunities in dance development projects, the creation of a community festival, youth music and dance groups and I plan to continue to grow as a youth leader in the Carnival sector. Future Leaders really gave me the opportunity to empower myself as a young artist and create a network of inspiring people and friends for life.

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