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Future Leaders Network

Our FL network is now 120 strong. Read below about our 2014 and 2016 graduates.


During our 2018/19 programme, we welcomed (and welcomed back):

DANCE – Dayna Swinburne, Freya Bennett-Nielsen, Louise Gibbons, Maddie Harrop, Maddie Johnstone, Rhiannon Armstrong, Sally Hendry, Sarah McEvoy.


VISUAL ARTS – Aelwyn Whitehead-St Pierre, Amber Dickson, Bethany Dover, Charis Whitehead-St Pierre, Charlie Stephenson, Elena Walker, Kettle Craine, Rachel Findley, Tom Makepeace, Zach Capon.


MUSIC – Aaron Parry, Ajarat Jimoh, Alex Stoney-Griffiths, Andrea Royle, Anna Beattie, Barny Dempsie, Bolang Jimoh, Chanelle Rodden, Chayo Page, Cheryl Hooker-Blake, Dylan Hoar, Ed Grimley, Eddie Russell, Eve Machin, Helen Curtis, Jack Colin Myles, Jamie Boyle, Lana Kong, Liam Muscat, Matthew Lonergan, Megan Snell, Nathan Spencer, Rachel Huschka, Sam Bowen-Wild, Sam Ward-Hardy, Scott Dorrity, Shelby Johnstone, Tiffany White.

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