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Many young people have really stood out in the Global Grooves story. Since our first ever workshop, we’ve cottoned on to young children and teenagers all over the UK who positively shone; dancers with some sort of fire in their eyes, a surprisingly mature sense of design style, a need to drum which is something more than just ‘having a bit of fun’.

Global Grooves have taken a number of these promising young artists under its wing, offering them work experience, allowing them to come along to school workshops to see the team ‘in action’.

When the team began offering workshops and courses under the name ‘Global Grooves’, there had been a great deal of discussion about how we could promote youth training to a higher level and really ensure that a constant rejuvination and flow of young faces would remain in the Manchester arts scene and beyond.

Having delivered two fantastic years of the programme, we look forward to further developing the programme over the coming months ready for meeting the next wave of young artists who will feed into this period of national change.

Two young people, for whom participatory dance and drum training changed their lives, are Owen and Genevieve. These outstanding young people are ambassadors for youth arts, and share their stories here.

Visit our website for more information about our short courses, master classes, and events. 

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