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How do Future Leaders apply?

Throughout our 2014-2016 courses, we have worked with over 80 young people from the UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Brazil, Singapore, and India. Typically each year, consisted of:

20 percussionists and drum kit players
10 dancers
10 visual artists

Are YOU a young Future Leader reading this thinking ‘where do I apply?!’.

Are you a parent, teacher, or friend of someone who you think deserves the opportunity to call themselves a Future Leader?

Our 2018/19 course has already begun, but it’s not too late to join as we still have places for DANCE available – don’t miss out!


The following documents give an indication of some aspects of the application process from previous years.

Before You Make Your Application

Global Grooves are looking for 40 young artists to take with us on this year of the programme. There are hundreds of talented young artists around the UK (and internationally) who may be eligible to apply, and so it is highly important that your application ‘speaks’ to us to tell us as much about yourself as possible. This application process has been designed to allow you maximum opportunities to express yourself in your own way.

Advice: Before completing the application, read the guidance notes carefully (link below); we would not like anyone to feel disappointed in not being accepted for the programme due to not quite fitting the entry requirements.

If you are under 16, ensure you have fully discussed the programme with your parents/guardians, as their consent will be required during the final stage of the online application area.

Helpful documents before applying:

– Guidance Notes and Application Criteria
More details about what we are looking for in our Future Leaders applicants.

– Course Content
More details about what to expect throughout the course. 

Course Fee Contributions
More information about the financial aspect of the course, plus ideas about how to raise your course fees.

Sponsorship Form
You can print out this sponsorship form to help keep track of the fees you have raised if your application is successful.

Please note: at the end of the application, the final page will ask you to upload a ‘Letter of Intention‘ along with an additional ‘Parental Consent Letter‘ for applicants under 16. Please download these now and save them to your computer.

Download links:

1) Parental Consent Letter (WORD)

2) Letter of Intention (WORD)


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