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Dance Tutor and Mentor

Helen is originally a contemporary trained dancer training as an apprentice through companies. She has danced for various companies that also use other styles of dance. Through these companies is where she has learnt carnival/afro-caribbean dance.


She has worked internationally with the french group ‘Les Commandos Percu’, learning skills in drumming and working with Fireworks.


With experience in mass movement, she has assisted choreography and lead groups on the Rugby league World cup opening ceremony, and 2015 Rugby Union world cup assisting a mass movement in Gloucester. Helen was a dance captain for a piece in trafalgar sq for the commonwealth games and has led Big Dance workshops in libraries.


Helen founded RISE Youth dance in Bristol in 2008. RISE trains young people as dancers, leaders and teachers. We do lots of different styles and performances to give young people opportunities in the dance world. RISE have represented the southwest at Udance where they have performed and taken part in workshops with other professionals.


Link to ‘Kenjo’ – RISE Youth Dance, Choreographed by Helen Wilson



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